Panelcast #16 -A 10 on the Creepy Meter

We are back this week, granted a few weeks out of date, to talk about  Fantasy Football, Google spying on you (AGAIN) and the Wonderful rebuilding of World of Warcraft 4.0.

You can also listen to the amazing sounds of Kerry’s son saying HI to all you folk who are listening.

Sit back, enjoy, and  be shocked when Keefe lets you know his point of view when it comes to his online camara. Creep-O-Meter 10  I tell ya!

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Now with 10% more Geek Fortified Sodium

You may have noticed that it has been a bit since an update.  Aside from being busy with an entire software rollout at the hospital where I work, I have been working on a new site that you should see very soon.  It will have more updates, more info, and of course a sleeker look.  Until then enjoy the new panel cast going up this week, with another to follow soon after.