Panelcast #018 – Leveling Archeology While in Line at the Bank

Welcome back all, It’s 2011 and what a show we have for you.

We jump right in on a Creepy or Cool segment that hits us in a subject that we hold true. FOOD! But as Kerry found out, some people do not like the things that we love to eat, namely Meat!. As from this article from “PLoS One”, don’t ask us what it means, we may tell you a very different meaning than what it really is.

As we quickly jump out and into thought for today. The CES 2011 in Las Vegas just wrapped up and wow, some of the things they had this year should have been in the Creepy or Cool segment.  Crazy stuff from crazy minds, really, we can’t even make this up.  While some of them are pretty sweet, some just make you scratch your head, granted who would not want a Taser Shotgun or a light up cereal box? ooo me me me

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