Panelcast #21- I Married Montana

Woah number 21. Welcome to the show, our special guest star, Mark “the Other, Other” guy.

Today’s Creepy -or- Cool, we look into the new Hummingbird Spy Plane brought to you by the wonderful folk of Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.  Then given to you on the web, for all to see.  Granted as cool as it sounds, a hummingbird outside of North America is not very heard of.  But the thought is just as nice.  Would make a great x-mas gift, for sure.

Main Topic we discuss the power of the governments that have the power to “cut the internet off” from their citizens.  As we have seen in the middle east as well as China.  To what abilities should a government have to control the flow of information that is on the web.  At what point do we say enough is enough?    We look at how we work around that and how far has America has traveled down that road.

Then we wrap up with some more Google Search Fun.

Sit back, keep your hands to yourself.  remember, they are watching!

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