Panelcast #22 “My Liver Army”

Welcome back to Indeed Podcast everyone.  Today we look into the world of Advance Medicine brought to you by the TED conference.  They show us the ability to grow Organs in a dish to replacement in a body.  Granted Kerry felt a different need to use the technology.  But we forgive him.  But remember this is one the start of projects we may see down the line.

WE move on to the main topic where we see the beauty in the creation of our fellow human.  Granted, when we say beauty, we use that VERY loosely.  In fact, we look at all the crazy, funky, and just plain weird folk in Music today.  Also a few plain Ugly.

Look in the distance, hear comes the Liver Army.   Better than the Kidney Army.  They just pee all over you.

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