IndeedPodcast #043 – Happy Final Year

Well, The year-end to end all year-ends folks, and we are here to look back to 2011 and a bit to what is to come in 2012. First we seek to find out our Creepy moment of the past year by looking back at all of our Creepy or Cool’s. Which do you think made our list, I still say bees are cool….. For 2012, We look at both new Movies and Games that will grace us next year. We seek the great ones to come out, and our “iWhat the Crap?” ones will be. Again, all in the name of fun.


Sit Back, Relax and grab your phone. You are getting a collect call from 2012, and I suggest you accept the charges. BOOM!

Thanks all who listen and keep us going, remember to email us with questions or comments at indeedpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com or find us on Facebook

Episode: [ podcast 043 – Happy Final Year.mp3]


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