Indeed Podcast #045 – 75 Year Old Fart

So you thought Steve Jobs was gone, WRONG.  He is back, and in an action figure way.  GI JOE has a new friend on the block, but he can’t fire a gun. Which is a good thing, neither could they.  Today we also look at Kodak filing Chapter 11 and some reasons why.  Finally the D&D we use to know is about to change, again. With version 5 on the horizon, we look about at the very game we played as a kid and will the direction they choose to go be good for the game?  Then our Creepy or Cool, How old do you feel?  Let’s try 75.


Sit back, Relax and pick up that walker, Them dang kids are playing that dang D&D version 5 and it brings back memories of the time you took magic missiles to the …….


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