Indeed Podcast #048 – Electronic Text Book That Shoots Missles

SWING everyone, and here we go.  Welcome all.  Today we have a guest, William.  He brings us knowledge of Apple programming and IPad understanding.  He helps us understand the news about the new Ibook 2 in their large sales jump right out of the gate.  Is there truth in it or is it all hype.  We also look at the repercussions of the Megaupload arrest, and what it may mean to other file sharing sites.  Can this hurt us or help other understand the boundaries that we need to follow with these sites.  Finally or Creepy or Cool again finds out way back to DARPA and their beady black eyes that are looking down on American High School Youth.  Will they be the next one to invent the Drones of the future.  Maybe the Geek will be the downfall of our culture.

Sit Back, Relax, and add reconfigure the target.  You have a C in Science, and it’s time to make the teacher pay with a sidewinder missile to their car.

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