Indeed Podcast #054 – Now With An Alternate Ending

Welcome back all.  We are alive and well in the Northwest.  Even after ECCC.  Today we recap our journeys through the jungle of cosplay, artist, stars, and other assortments of folk.  On top of some new shout outs to Indeed Podcast from some very notable people.  Creepy or Cool we get a look at the new Google Glasses, and the ability to see the Google world in front of you. *cough* MATRIX *cough*  These all in one glasses help you stay in touch with others, give directions and laser beam people, wait  that is on the 2.0 version.    Finally, we look at the question: should directors of Movies and games should be persuaded by the fanbase of the topic they are directing?  Such as Mass Effect 3 and the new TMNT movie.  I am sure this is not the last of this we have heard of.

Sit back, Relax, and prepare for a shock.  Michael Bay is directing your life and buddy….you are hosed.

Thanks all who listen and keep us going, remember to email us with questions or comments at or find us on Facebook, itunes.


-Indeed at ECCC- Video Link

Now stop by to hear us on Versus the World, as well as plenty other Podcast in this community.  Take a listen and enjoy.


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