Indeed Sketchbook #005 – Prydwen

Welcome to a new Indeed Sketchbook. Today we have on the sketchpad the talented, and very exciting Lynn Hogan of the new Graphic novel Prydwen. As we go over story development, Characters , and the world in general, we come to know the very foundation of what makes Prydwen such a wonderful read. We will explore what it take to create this work of art, and where you can find it coming to a Comic Con near you. This adventure begins with Prydwen and her friend Auric as they start their journey to discover who Prydwen truly is. This being book 1 of 7, but I still say could be 30, maybe 50… It’s a great foundation that will become a fantastic Web Graphic Novel. We highly recommend that if you enjoy it, please pick up a copy today. If you get to meet Lynn at a upcoming Comic Con, tell her you found her here.

Thanks all who listen and keep us going, remember to email us with questions or comments at or find us on Facebook, itunes.


Audio brought to you by Fox AmoorePlease visit his facebook page and pick up some of his wonderful music.  Thanks for the Suggestion Lynn!

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