Indeed Podcast #099 – Pirate Online Health Care

Indeed Google ShipWelcome to Indeed Podcast show #99.  Tat means 100 is next, and we have some plans, but we really do not know what our budget can call for.  I wanted fireworks, but NOOOOO Kerry says we can’t afford it.   pffft.   Weekly roundup has us looking at GTA 5, or 6, or something,  really doesn’t matter, it makes a crap load of money.  Also USB condoms, and the NSA building the deck of the starship enterprise, sort of.  Creepy or Cool finds our newest tech fashion and the things it can do for you.  Over the Bump we talk about Ghetto Tracker.  top it off in the Main Event we look at Google and their new wants in the Health Care industry.  So Google maps can map your DNA.

Sit Back, Relax, and park your pirate ship.  Your parrot has gone awol because you forgot to book the room with a view.

Thanks all who listen and keep us going, remember to email us with questions or comments at or find us on Facebook, , itunes.

This shows Music is “Sweet Georgia Brown” by Latch Swing   at  Free Music Archive.

Also Check out the Double Clicks New Video


Stop by to hear us on Versus the World, as well as plenty other Podcast in this community.  Take a listen and enjoy


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