Indeed Podast #117 – Drug_Dealing_Spy_Drones

INDEED CBSWelcome back to another Indeed Podcast.  With Keefe making the big move to his new hose, and Kerry fighting aliens, it is only Caleb and Chris bringing you your weekly taste of the odd. Weekly Round-Up goes shows us how to get a 2 Million kickstarter going, Drugs to prisoners, and our lack of understanding of government knowledgeCreepy or Cool takes us to China for car vending machines.  A say What moment with government when it comes to NSA spying on them.  Finally CBS says it may quit broadcasting and go only to over the web streaming.

Sit Back, relax, and wait for the Drones.  They can either bring you Drugs, Fame, or Death.  Sometimes all three.

Thanks all who listen and keep us going, remember to email us with questions or comments at or find us on Facebook, itunes.

This shows Music is “Lose the Box” by Mnage Quad at  Free Music Archive.


Stop by to hear us on Versus the World, as well as plenty other Podcast in this community.  Take a listen and enjoy


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