Indeed Podcast #142 – New Year New Holy Moly

Indeed 2015 NEW YEARWelcome to 2015 Indeed Podcast.  Here we all are and ripping to bring you 2015 in new Technicolor.   Weekly Roundup New Pics from Hubble and toys that the FBI like to use.  We also look at a new phone in the market as well as a place where adults can booze it up while learning about science. Creepy or Cool Fungus from plastic farmer. mmmmm taste that on pizza.  Parting Thought  CES, what is coming to you.

Sit Back, Relax and have another pint.  either way, you are going to learn about how gravity can pull you down.  YouTube video pending.

Thanks all who listen and keep us going, remember to email us with questions or comments at or find us on Facebook, itunes. 


Check out the new comic CLOUD SOURCED by Keefe.  Now open for business.

Stop by to hear us on Versus the World, as well as plenty other Podcast in this community.  Take a listen and enjoy


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