Indeed Audio Theater – BRICK by Brick pt1

Indeed_Audio_TheaterWelcome to the first Indeed Audio Theater Production.   for a while you have heard about our friend of the show, Andrew Vanderbeek, who is one of our favorite writers that needs to be published.

A while ago he had written a piece titled “Brick”  which takes us to Ganymede in the year of 2466 , where a private investigator named Brick is going to find out that this day is not going to go so well.  Maybe he should have looked at his horoscope and just stayed in bed.  A cup of coffee sounds pretty good about now.


“Brick” was written by Andrew Vanderbeek with voices from Kerry Dykstra as Brick and Bonnie Melius as Annie. 

Additional voice provided by Christopher Morton, Sereen Khawaldeh, and Wayne Adams.



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