Indeed Podcast #155 – Air_Guitar_with_Bacon

Indeed - Air GuitarWelcome back to another show folk but without Kerry.  He is ROCKING out this evening.  so Rock on Sir, Rock on.    Weekly Roundup:   Oregon Bans Drones at Fires as well as the FAA getting a upgrade to, at our best guess their Windows 2000 servers, and getting the unexpected.  Also a new Archie Comic in the works.  Looks good.   Creepy or Cool:  Oregon Beavers make bacon flavor kelp out of, kelp.   SHOUT OUT to Jennifer Morton and her new project : Witches of Neverland.   Parting Thought: Caleb gives us the rundown on Nerdtacular 2015.  We also look at Rose City Comic Con in September and other Comic Con to visit in 2016.

Sit Back, Relax and take a nice big bite off that bacon kelp.  The server upgrade just started and you can’t leave until it is done.

Indeed Podcast Music by PoP Overkill, Head and visit their Facebook Page.

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