Indeed Podcast #156 – iRoxy Sexbox Basketball

Indeed iRoxyWelcome back to another show and we all made it in these last days of summer.  Weekly Roundup:   Eye doctors are out to get the computers by blaming them on nearsightedness.  But only after the work to ban sexrobots, or sexbox, which I think is twitter.  Next we have a smart basketball, let the jock jokes begin.  Finally Comcast to cap us, or put a cap in us…either is bad..   Creepy or Cool:  .Nerf is out for blood, or at least give paintball a run for their money.   Parting Thought: Facebook is adding a dislike button.   We put the question on the very facebook and ask what other button you would like.  Wow, some of you have anger issues…likely cause by facebook.

Sit Back, Relax and put down that sexbox, It’s time to take a breather and shoot some hoops with your basketball.  Don’t worry about it or the bot laughing at you behind your back.

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Indeed Audio Theater – BRICK by Brick pt2

Indeed_Audio_TheaterWelcome to chapter 2 of Brick by Brick from Indeed Audio Theater Production.

Brick is now on the run after discovering his assassin was none other than a local cop.  Now on the run, he contacts his brother for help and quickly has to find a way to make it to the one guy who may help him figure out this mess.  The Fish.

All Brick wanted was a cup a fresh coffee.


“Brick” was written by Andrew Vanderbeek with voices from Kerry Dykstra as Brick and Bonnie Melius as Annie. 

Additional voices provided by Tom Badguy and Arron Mitchell.

If you missed Chapter 1…. go HERE