Indeed Podcast #173 – Election Fiddlefoddle Hanging Chad

Indeed ElectionWelcome back everyone to a New Indeed Podcast.  Today is a extra special edition of Election Coverage.   Tuesday we elected Trump as our next president.  We invited our friend, and special Indeed elections specialist, Paxton to help us who we got to that point.   We are shocked on this journey we took together has ended up to this point.  We also look at the cost of the Electoral College per state and the focus that plays to to overall election.  Thank you for all the emails that came in for this show.

We will have show notes and stats in the VtW forums.  Look into the Indeed Section.

Some great info to look at:

Rules for a Ruler is a great way to understand how governments work.

Electoral College from PragerU

Thanks all who listen and keep us going, remember to email us with questions or comments at or find us on Facebookitunes.


Check out CLOUD SOURCED by Keefe. Hit the big 200. Book one Complete. Also a new season will soon be here.

Check out the INDEED PVP server for Ark Survival now live.



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