All in all, We are 4 guys who discuss the interesting things they find on the internet pertaining to geek culture. Such as games, movies, comic books and comic art, music, gadgets, science, pie and whatever else catches their 16 eyes.

Please fell free to comment by sending us a message to Indeedpodcast(at)gmail(dot)com.  We would love to hear from you.

Style of Shows:

Panelcast:  The is all 4 of us and sometimes a guest.  Everyday geek topics, and overall fun find of things.

Sketchbook:  This shows is driven by Chris (Tabaxion) and Keefe (Nergon) and has focus in the world of comics, Graphic Novels and Online Art.  From the idea to the creations, we discuss the workings of subjects with special guest from all around the web.

Rhythm:  This show has Caleb, Kerry, and Keefe looking into what it takes for music artists to use the web in the process of creations of their music.  They dive into the subject of creation, and the listener base it takes to make it out there in the would of today.

Blurb:  Short 10 minutes of sound that was cut from a ashow, but was just too good to let die.  Hopes it brings a smile on your face.

IASP (Indeed Audio State Production): These are special shows that allow us to just have fun and explore the world of entertainment.


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