Panel Members

Name: Caleb Colby
About:  Caleb was born in Kalispell, MT and lived there for 20 years.  After a short stint in Boise, ID he currently lives with his wife in Moscow, ID.  Even though he is the youngest of the group he is not the most vocal.  Rather he moderates between the vocal opposites and attempts to keep everyone (including himself at times) from long tangents.

Least Favorite Video game Character:  Navi ( Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Ultimate Weakness: Easily Distracted
Favorite Artist/Album:  Five Iron Frenzy / Five Iron Frenzy 2: Electric Boogaloo

Name: Kerry Dykstra
About: Coming from the wilds of Oregon, Kerry spent most of his life on the run from, well, life.  Now on the lam in the beautiful City of Trees (Boise, Idaho) he survives his days with work, family, and the progression of his gameplay.

Favorite Internet Meme:  Kerry Dykstra probably knows my name.
Least Favorite Video game Character: Gnomes
Ultimate Weakness:  Long winded
Favorite artist/album:  Abandon Kansas:We’re All Going Somewhere

Name: Christopher A. Morton
About: Born in Sin city, Las Vegas, and moved to Oregon early in his adventure.  He now calls Beaverton, OR home in the northern part of the state, only a stone throw from Portland OR itself.  Chris is a huge mmo fan and spends what other free time he has drawing all over any pieces of paper he may come across.

Favorite Cartoon Character: (besides his own and Nergon) Bullwinkle
Least Favorite Politian: ALL of them, they suck.
Ultimate Weakness: Kerry Dykstra’s Long Winded rants to somewhere.

Name: Keefe Chamberlain
About:  Keefe comes to us from the world of Oregon.  Born and raised he ventured out to the land of Boise Id and made his home there.  Now with the help of his munchkins (Chamberlain 2.0) they manage to expand the family name in world-web fashion.  He draws exclusively on his Ipad which he never leaves home without it.

Favorite Comic:  Bone
Least Favorite Video game Character:  Goomba
Ultimate Weakness: Easily Distracted by M&M’s


Special Guest Members: Indeed at the Movies

Name: Paxton “They call me Mr.” Tupper
About:  Coming from the wilds of the third planet circling the star Alpha Omega.  Paxton is a herald champion of stating the obvious as well as the oblivious.   As the self proclaimed leader of the Pax-Pack, he finds himself running all around the world in the quest to find things he never thought he was looking for.   That my sir, is a Challenge in a special class of challenges.

Favorite Quote:  “Those aren’t pillows!”
Favorite Character:  Anything related to Dr Who…Who dat…Who what?
Ultimate Weakness: Stepping stones that spell out names in dead dialectics.

Name: Andrew Vanderbeek
About: You think you know a guy……BAM….you don’t  Shrouded in the darkness of who he is, This leader of men….DM of many and Lord of someplace, we are pretty sure is made up, comes to us with his vast experience of knowledge.   As long as we don’t roll a “1” everything will be just fine.   Allow the wonderful hunk of a man tell you about such amazing stories that will take you to places you may or may want to forget.   Or at least take a hot long shower after being there.

Favorite Quote: “I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.”
Favorite Character: Anyone I have created…I control and I seal the fate for.
Ultimate Weakness: Stubborn D&D players who always roll a freaking 19 or 20.


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