Indeed Podcast #164 – Creepy or Cool-Cat Licking Robotic Arm

Indeed_robo_catWelcome to a new episode of Indeed Podcast. Today it is a Creepy or Cool show. 4 stories we found that we were sure would bring you the ever amount of wonder.

Chris starts off with man robotic are what has all the comforts of home, including a drone built in.

Keefe heads to China where they are planning a mass Trans buss to ride above the traffic.

Caleb finds the Cat Lovers new fun toy, the Cat Licker. They too can like their cat, like a cat. Without a hairball in site.

Kerry closes the show with a look at a bio-gradable 6-pack holder. No more cutting the plastic.

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Check out CLOUD SOURCED by Keefe. Hit the big 200. Book one Complete.

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Indeed Podcast #106 – Come Pet my Selfie

Indeed BobbaKattWelcome back to another Indeed Podcast.  Tonight we have 2 missing crew.  But the bounty hunters are on the job and we bring in the master of masters, Wayne from Show X.   Weekly Roundup finds us in the VR world with Valve and Steam.  Bitcoin has a place for the bounty hunters.  Then Microsoft may be able to teach your kids about the dangers of Apple.  Creepy or Cool find that the crazy cat lady has a job.  We get to review the end of season 2, Legend of Korra.  WE have our DERPY moment.  Then Oxford gives us a new word.  Please don’t sing this in the shower out loud.

Sit Back, Relax, and find your cat.  It now makes more money than you and you;ll now be using the litterbox.

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This shows Music is “ET” by Kopeike   at  Free Music Archive.


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Indeed Sketchbook – NPC Comic

Welcome to another Indeed Sketchbook with Nergon (Keefe) and Tabaxion (Chris)

Today we welcome the talented creator of NPC Comic, Mary Varn all the way from Brooklyn New York.  She brings us her personal point of view in life and liberty in the world of Chloe and Bink.  She also tells us what it takes to bring you her wonderful work 3 times a week.  Let me tell you, that’s real talent there.

Pull out the Sketchpad, it’s time to bust out some Deathknight Cats.


If you like to write, Mary says it’s time to do it NOW.  It’s November Novel Month.