Indeed Podcast #061 – How Many Clicks

Welcome back all to another Tastefully tempting show.  Today we have a VERY special guest.  All the way over from the Ladies of Leet Podcast, you know her as GypsyGirl, or under a variety of names.  Stephanie! Who will give us an inside into our topic regarding the nastiest of Harassment in the gaming world.  Don’t be too shocked, we did tone it down a bit.  We start by watching a video from EXTRA CREDIT.  Where this topic is spoke of.  I know it’s a more serious topic, but one we all should be aware of.  Our Creepy or Cool looks at a man with a passion for Civ II.  We all can respect that., but 10 years worth?  awww and so much more.

Sit Back, Relax and grab a tootsies pop, lets watch the radiation sparkle  in the twilight sky together.


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