Indeed Crossfire : Christmas Holiday 2014

indeed-crossfireHappy Holiday’s, and as the day of Christmas we find another Crossfire in out mist.   Today We have Santa, Jack Frost and Frosty the Snowman all here to talk about what the Holiday season means to them and the rest of the world.  Editor note * Frosty is a bit of a hothead.

Merry Christmas Everyone!



Indeed Crossfire – Michaels Breach

Indeed CrossfireTonight is a special edition of Indeed Crossfire.  Tab is reporting from Irving Texas with a special rep from the Michaels Craft store chain about their recent data breach.  We get to explore their plans of the Why, How, and what now approach of their senior management.

Sit back , Relax, and pull out your etch-a-sketch.  After this ride, your mind will need to be wiped.



Indeed Podcast #042 – The Christmas Special

This week we decided to have some fun and do a dramatic christmas special. Yeah run while you can. Although there will be no singing ewoks or any of that, we hope you will enjoy it and have a good laugh.

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