Indeed Crossfire : Christmas Holiday 2014

indeed-crossfireHappy Holiday’s, and as the day of Christmas we find another Crossfire in out mist.   Today We have Santa, Jack Frost and Frosty the Snowman all here to talk about what the Holiday season means to them and the rest of the world.  Editor note * Frosty is a bit of a hothead.

Merry Christmas Everyone!



Indeed Podcast #050 – The Giant Killer Wikipedia Rabbit

Greeting all, Stand up and Salute!  Show number 50.  That’s right.  It’s another Indeed Podcast.  As we recorded on Presidents day, we talk about Presidents.  Both real and Fiction.  Who did we like as past President?  (Other then the Great Reagan himself)   Then we look at who we would like to see as a real President.    Ah, let the imagination run free and wild. Also Check out the List Keefe Found HERE.  Yeah, MuttonChops are so in.

Sit Back, Relax, and get ready to Vote.  Mickey Mouse is running again, and this time he means business.


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