Indeed Podcast #175 – Superbowl_Premiere_Urinal_Beer

Comet beerWelcome everyone to the first show of 2017.  Sorry for the delay, but you know life….well…it gets in the way of things.    But with all that taken care of, off to the races we go.  Weekly Roundup find a job offer for Obama after the White House.  Then Will Wheaton gets some space cred and we finally found the material needed to build a Death Star.   Finally a new game that maybe should have never been made.    To the Movies finds as talking about the good ol’ American Dream of McDonald’s and Creepy or Cool brings us Beer…in a very personal way.  Which we can bottle up and sell at a premium to so many.

Sit Back, Relax and crack open a cold one, Physics over our private parts never have become more entertaining and yet disturbing in the same moment.

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Indeed Podcast #084 – Tweet Peeing 3D Printing

WIndeed Pee Twitelcome back to another Indeed Podcast.  If you need to use the potty, well, better go now.  Seems like it’s all about Tweet Pee, and I tells ya about how that pony like to pee.  Creepy or Cool, the jacket we all wanted as kids, and now can get.  Other will know when you arrive at any event.  Then we talk about Iron Man 3, which I am proud to say has NO SPOILERS!  Then it’s off to the Government recording EVERYTHING you do, say, or even Tweet. Finally We take another look at 3D printing.  where someone printed a gun.  So much for the stick ones I was making.

Sit Back, Relax, and watch you twitter feed.  You will be notified when pee happens, and it’s more interesting then most tweets you will get.

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This shows Music is “Raincoat” by Greg Gibbs from Free Music Archive.


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