Indeed Podcast #184 -Dallas_CowBots_on_the_Ocho

Welcome back all to a another Show. Keefe, Kerry and Chris jump right into news after a update of PoP Overkill Summer Tour 2017. Weekly Roundup: Starts with Outer Space Mining all the way to Professional Overwatch player.   Ah Yes Please……  You looking for a new job…how about Planetary Protector.  NO…not Captain Planet.  Finally, ESPN 8 The Ocho was real for a day..and it was fantastic!

Sit back, Relax and get ready for the next event.  International hacky sack championships is next and I am rooting for the short Hungarian guy.

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Indeed Podcast #157 – Mystery Space Mining Theater

Indeed Star DestroyerWell, Looks who talking…I mean  Back.   It is Indeed Podcast.   Thanks to a malfunction of a computer of the guy who edits everything.  We had to wait for the replacement, then wait for Thanksgiving.  Then wait for the food coma to wear off.  So here we are.   Weekly Roundup we check out Star Wars Battlefront as well as Space mining for the United States, because it seems we care not for the rest of the planet.  We also Formula E racing and LiFi.  No it is not lightsaber communication, which could be pretty cool.  Creepy or Cool looks at charging your phone like a caveman, because it’s tradition…..that’s why.  We check out STEAM THANKSGIVING SALE, which I owe a BIG thank you to Calico for the game gift.  Also to Keefe for his love of game sharing.  Finally we look at a wonderful Kickstarter which is already a success.   Mystery Science Theater back once again.

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